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Play Table

A curious experiment in combining digital modelling with tactile interaction inspired by inForm , a seminal piece of work by the Tangible Media Group at MIT . It began as an experiment in board game simulation, quickly evolved into what can be best described as an "open-ended flow explorer."

PlayTable in action
PlayTable in action
PlayTable in action

It has three main components:

  1. Hardware, consisting of the camera, projector and translucent table
  2. Software, an application developed in the Unity environment along with a computer-vision library
  3. Playware, consisting of wooden blocks with ArUco markers glued on the underside

Players can place any block on the table to expose markers facing down. A camera on the underside picks up marker and creates a virtual projected object (and its properties). The projector is calibrated in a way which aligns virtual projected objects with its corresponding markers located in real space. Players can continue adding, removing, and moving objects around, to explore the effects of their actions in real-time.

PlayTable in action


Sinan Goral